Creating Opportunities For Community Development

In order to accomplish our purpose to provide better opportunities to the vulnerable community of Mabogini,
besides the vital action of educating young people, we work to enable development in their families.

Long-term Financial Security

At KYGN we do home visits on the students benefited by our educational program to map the most vulnerable families that are not able to provide for their children. In the rural areas, this usually means mothers abandoned by their children’s father or teenage mothers.  Our livelihood program has the aim to provide a long-term financial security for these families.

Within the range of assistances, we provide:


(e.g.: chickens, cows) so a family can rely on a monthly income


to set up a small business

Artisanal handicraft workshops

(e.g.: soaps, candle, batik, body oil)



And soon KYGN will be setting up a café to create employment opportunity and generate income for the project!

Be part of the change!

Your contribution helps to bring happiness to other people’s lives.