Primary School 

We Believe In Education

KYGN believes that quality basic education is a tool to improve the life of vulnerable children. Grounded in this principle, KYGN runs the Tumaini Foundation, a registered school that provides pre-primary and primary education to 420 children.

Tumaini Foundation

Tumaini Foundation is a not-for-profit institution, owned by KYGN, offering education, including all of the materials, uniforms and transportation free of costs to 97% of our students, who would otherwise never receive it. Due to our quality education, we are also able to receive a few students whose parents have conditions to pay for tuition fees.

Our facilities

Our facilities have two buildings with nine classrooms and one additional building under construction that will add four more classrooms to our school. Tumaini Foundation also has two offices to accommodate the teaching and the administrative personnel, a library and a kitchen to prepare fresh breakfast and lunch everyday to our students.

Be part of the change!

Your contribution helps to bring happiness to other people’s lives.