Safe House

Temporary Safe Accommodation

KYGN’s Safe House is not to be mistaken for an orphanage. We do not believe that
orphanages are suitable for children’s development.

Dealing with a difficult reality

At the same time, we have to deal with the fact that some young people are exposed to neglect or abandonment, physical or even sexual abuse at their houses. At KYGN, we address this reality by providing a temporary secure and safe accommodation for children facing these situations, while a long term solution is found.

Looking for a long-term solution

In Tanzania, we believe that everyone has a family. Even children who lost mothers and fathers, they have an extended family that can be there during their development. Our Safe House facility is there to support children while we reconnect them with other relatives, assist their families during severe necessity or advise during family issues. Furthermore, after the kids leave the Safe House to their family environment, KYGN’s social worker still carries home visits, to evaluate their wellbeing.

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