Sponsorship for Secondary School

Making sure children complete secondary school

Secondary School is not for everyone.
But together, we can make it happen.

Challenges to secondary education

In Tanzania, while most children attend primary school, only 33%* are enrolled at secondary education institutions. The lack of quality education during pre-primary and primary school, especially among poorest families, is one of the reasons for children dropping out of school at secondary education level.  This happens because public secondary schools are only available to children who achieve good grades at the government’s national exam applied after conclusion of primary school.

Overcoming the challenges

However, another reason why children drop out of school is lack of financial conditions to cover the so-called “hidden costs” (transportation, uniforms and books and school material, lunch, tuition fee – in case of extra help). The situation gets more complicated by the fact that in Mabogini, where most of our students live, public secondary schools have a poor quality. So to our kids, the only option to keep receiving a good education is to attend secondary school in Moshi Town. Unfortunately, most families benefited by KYGN cannot afford this alternative.

Sponsored Children

To address this challenge, KYGN now provides a sponsorship program to ensure better secondary education at schools in Moshi Town, covering food, clean water, accommodation, transportation, school material and uniform.

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